Dave Stearns Owner

Dave has played guitar for over 30 years and has over 20 years of music retail experience. He is the primary buyer and also the Guitar Gallery vintage resource.

Dave ocassionally gigs with the band "Double Booked".

Primary gear: Godin Spectrum, PRS Hollowbody, Amer Std HSS Strat, G&L Bass, Martin acoustics, Yamaha CP70, Kurzweil PC3, Hammond Clonewheel, Mesa Amps, Conn New Wonder Alto Sax


Don Travins

A passionate bass and guitar player, he is an enthusiast and a wealth of knowledge.

Don has great taste in music and attends many live concerts. He occasionally performs and you might even run into him at a weekend guitar seminar. Don uses a variety of Fender, Godin and G&L basses and and Martin Acoustics as well as other guitars and favors Mesa and Fender amps.

Tom MacLennan

Tom is our go-to guy for social media. He is also a fine player and favors the funky jazz genre. Tom has a ridiculous knowledge of pedals and seems to always be in a good mood. His weapons of choice are Gibson electrics, Simon & Patrick acoustics, Groove Tubes amps, and Selmer kazoos.

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